Fire Damage Restoration Process

Board up the premises to make them safe and secure.
Remove or restore fire damaged building materials.
Extract excess water through drying and dehumidification.
Home construction repairs and rebuilding.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

When your home or commercial property is damaged by fire, it can be an overwhelming experience. At Professional Restoration Services we understand this, and our goal is to help you through the cleaning and rebuild process.

When fire strikes, it is critical that you act fast to protect your property. Shattered windows and damaged ceilings expose undamaged interiors to outside elements, which can lead to more destruction. Smoke damage and soot can permanently discolor surfaces and cause odor. Also, water damage from sprinklers or fire hoses can quickly turn into mold.

Some homeowners may be able to do part of the cleaning from fire and smoke damage, however, there are times when it is crucial to hire a professional contractor, such as:

  • Emergency temporary repairs for protection from outside elements
  • Accurately estimating fire and smoke damages for the insurance company
  • Identifying if the fire warped or distorted the building structure
  • Repair or rebuilding damaged parts of the home
  • Identifying locations of hidden smoke and properly removing or encapsulating the smoke for odor control

We take pride in our ability to accurately restore your home and get your life back together as fast as we can, while still providing top quality construction. We are prepared to respond immediately to all fire damage emergencies in the Greater Richmond Region, 24 hours a day.